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"No one gets in trouble on purpose, but sometimes trouble finds you.  Don't let trouble ruin your life, fight back!

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     Need An Advocate?

We can: 

  • Talk to you about your problem and help you plan what you need to say and do.
  • Support you in speaking up for yourself, family or community.
  • Intervene on your behalf to various state and federal agencies
  • Accompany you to meetings and act as your representative.
  • Help you make a formal complaint.
  • Represent you in informal or administrative hearings.
  • Serve as a spokesperson to media outlets
  • Guide you to other resources such as other agencies, elected officials or lawyers. 
  • We are not lawyers, we do not give legal advice.

      GRSF, Inc. participates in various advocacy activities.  Below are some of our projects: 

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   Community Lobbying

Since 1999, volunteers of GRSF, Inc. frequently traveled to Annapolis, MD to meet and work with Maryland State Legislators.  Our legislative work includes: 

Collaboration with elected officials on proposed legislation.  

Testifying at committe hearings on bills that will affect the local constituency.  

Participation at rallies.


Vote The Power!  Campaign

Politicians have their own campaigns.  Vote The Power!™ is a campaign for the voters!  This is a voters campaign in which we conduct voter education, registration and to further motivate communities to get out and vote.  All efforts are non-partisan and are solely intended to motivate voting communities nationwide. 

VOTE THE POWER!™ does not endorse any political candidates or political organizations.                  


Please visit our campaign website at:  for more details, or call our Campaign Headquarters at: (410) 272-8346


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    2016 Legislative Agenda

The 2016 Maryland Legislative Session in Annapolis begins January 13th, 2016 through April 11th, 2016.  During this three month session, GRSF, Inc plans to visit Annapolis to meet with legislators concerning proposed bills.  We will attend meetings, testify in legislative hearings on bills that serve our constituency.  

Bills we will provide testimony: 

MD Senate Bill 423

MD House Bill 967

We will also provide written or oral testimony for legislation addressing: 

Police Brutality

Racial Profilng

Shooting of Unarmed Citizens

Voting Rights of Ex-Offenders